Practice Of Clinical And Counselling Counselling

Optimise Potential founder, Philip Armstrong is a respected editor, contributor and leading authority in his field.

Practice Of Clinical And Counselling Counselling

Since 2000, he has been in the role of Editor for Australia’s bestselling peer-reviewed professional journal Counselling Australia. He is also the Managing Editor of the DEST registered, web-based International Research Journal cph (Counselling, Psychotherapy and Health), a position Philip has held since 2006.

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Professional Publications & Resources

Philip and his team have authored or participated in producing a number of professional publications relevant to the Practice of Counselling and Practice of Clinical Supervision, including:

Professional journals

Edited books


Clinical guidelines

Academic reports

Professional commentary on TV & radio

Educational Texts

  • Practice of Clinical and Professional Supervision: Philip Armstrong and Nadine Pelling, Australian Academic Press (2016)

  • Practice of Clinical Supervision: Philip Armstrong, John Barletta, Nadine Pelling, Australian Academic Press (2009)

  • Practice of Counselling: Philip Armstrong, Nadine Pelling, Randolph Bowers, Thomson Nelson (now Cengage), 2006 to order a copy go to

  • Establishing an Allied Health Service: Philip Armstrong, Thomson (now Cengage) Publishing 2006

  • Building a Successful Practice: Philip Armstrong, Inlearning Publications, 2005. (Sold out, rewritten and published as Establishing an Allied Health Service)

Contributions to Texts and books:

  • How to Stay, Healthy, Active and Sharp in Retirement: edited Paul McKeon, Chapter 4 Keeping Your Mind Fit   Philip Armstrong, Baby Boomers Life Change 2014

  • Case Incidents in Counselling for International Transitions edited Nancy Arthur and Paul Pederson, Part 4, Military and peace Keeping Transitions, Case incident 17, Philip Armstrong, American Counselling Association, 2008

  • Technology in Counselling and Psychotherapy Practice: A Practitioners’ Guide, co-authored chapter Professional Supervision via the Phone Palgrave Publishing 2003

Interviews & Professional Comments

  • Interviewed by and quoted in the Bulletin Magazine, Cleo, Vogue, Girlfriend and most major newspapers in Australia.

  • Professional commentary on psychotherapy and counselling on current affairs programs such as Today Tonight, A Current Affair and ABC radio.

  • Resident counsellor with Logan City Community Radio 101FM for a six-month period in 2003 with Peter Dick; involved answering questions on day-to-day issues posed by callers.


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